Social PR

Social PR

PR-agency “SPRING” provides a full range of services aimed at the effective information support of social projects and socially significant initiatives.

What is social PR

Social PR is an activity aimed at the formation, support and development of positive behaviors in society. The goal of social PR is to popularize human values, principles, and knowledge that are relevant to the entire human community or its individual groups.

Social PR traditionally includes social, charitable projects and programs initiated by individuals, the state, business structures, and public (non-commercial) organizations. The object of the impact of public relations is the social sphere, the area of ​​social relations.

Primary types of services:

  • Monitoring and analysis of the public opinion
  • Development of social programs
  • Working with public opinion leaders
  • The organization of socially significant events with the participation of the media
  • Carrying out informational events for the media
  • Development of creative concepts for social advertising
  • Organization of information campaigns in social networks
  • Sponsorship projects and charity

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