Loud PR

Loud PR

PR-agency “SPRING” has a successful experience in developing and selling high-profile PR-actions, which are now called “hype”.

Why do you need a loud PR promotion / explosive PR?

This is a very loud PR-campaign, which has an increasingly tight deadline.

As a rule, successful hype(scandalous PR) is based on bright and uncommon viral news, which are read in hundreds of media outlets that are distributed on TV and radio broadcasts, becoming a vigorously discussed topic in social networks.

Primary types of services:

  • Development of a creative idea of a PR campaign
  • Production PR-actions (photo, video, article, event, etc.)
  • The strategy of distribution of PR-actions in the media and social networks
  • Sowing PR actions in the media and social networks in order to achieve a viral effect
  • Work in the format of the press service
  • Current and final media monitoring

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