Electoral strategies

Electoral strategies

The organization and conduct of elections is unthinkable without a clear and clear strategy. PR-agency “SPRING” provides services for the development of strategies for election campaigns (elections) at various levels in all constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

Why clients pick us

We develop strategies taking into account the individual characteristics of candidates, the competitive environment, the electoral specificity of the region. This approach ensures our clients successful elections, competent political PR.

Each election campaign is strictly individual. Therefore, we never copy the strategies of election campaigns, while not forgetting to take into account our own and third-party experience.

Primary types of services:

  • Defining qualitative targets for an election campaign
  • Determination of quantitative goals of the election campaign
  • Campaign resource analysis
  • Description of target groups of voters
  • Working out the main ideas of the campaign
  • Development of the main slogans (messages) of the campaign
  • Development of positions on topical issues
  • Identification of the main directions of the campaign
  • Identification of the main stages of the campaign
  • Image positioning of the candidate (party)
  • Development of counter-propaganda activities

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