Crisis response / Crisis management

Crisis response / Crisis management

PR-agency “SPRING” provides a full range of services to neutralize negative information in the event of the appearance of compromising materials, which are fraught with a blow to reputation, loss of clients, investors, partners.

Why clients pick us

According to our practice, negative information doesn’t always lead to irreparable losses. In most cases, there is an opportunity not only to smooth out a negative impression, but also to translate the resonance into a positive plane.

In the event of a crisis, operational response is important. Crisis PR management can be deployed within a few hours, thus you will be able to promptly respond to suddenly appeared negative messages about your company or person.

Primary types of services:

  • Diagnostics of the current crisis situation
  • Developing a crisis response program
  • Neutralization of competitors’ press attack
  • Neutralization of negative information in social networks
  • Resolving conflicts between clients and media representatives
  • Crisis prevention

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